Meet Some of the Tucker Bunnies.

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Meet Some of the Tucker Bunnies.

Post by Tuckerbunnies on Mon Oct 28, 2013 3:00 am

1. Barry the Bun or Big Bazza.
This is Barry the Bun or Big Bazza and he was in a stable with no top door on it at rescue kennels after his owner was moving in with her Mother but Barry wasn't invited, luckily my Niece worked at the kennels and told me about Barry and knowing that area was known for foxes and there was no door on the top of the stable we decided that Barry would be safer and better off with us. Barry is a loveable big bun.

2. Rosie & Murphy.
These two are Rosie and Murphy who were both from unwanted litters and have been with us since they were babies. Rosie had a blockage Op last Christmas and we just got her to the vet's in time as she was so full of gas her tummy was near to rupturing but as you can see she is fine now.

3. Hairy Bunster Kenzo.
This is 'Hairy Bunster Kenzo' he was found as a stray.

4. Angora Jess.
This is 'Angora Jess' and she was a cruelty case and came from Tameside Rabbit & Guinea pig rescue, when she was found she couldn't walk because her fur on her back legs was matted to the fur on her tummy. Jess is shaved in the Summer for coolness and comfort but in Winter just trimmed, we always check under her throat as they can get matts that can actually strangle them if left. Jess has beautiful blue eyes.

5. Penny.
This is Penny and she had been kept in a cold dark garage without any company and she was suppose to be very aggressive. Penny hasn't got a bad bone in her body she is a lovely gentle lady and she has the most beautiful lavender coloured eyes and she doesn't live in a cold dark garage anymore she now lives as a house bunny.

6. Dudley.
This is Dudley and we got him from Pawz For Thought as he was very aggressive and he hated hands and we think he has been hit around his head and that's why. Mike worked with him endlessly for months until he could not only stroke him but pick him up to. Dudley's story was in the Autumn issue 2013 of the RWA magazine 'Rabbiting On'.

7. Letty Lop.
I sent Mike to get me a new printer as mine had died and I needed one badly and he came home with a printer and Letty Lop. Letty Lop was in the adoption part of Pets @ Home and she had a birth defect a back splay leg that stick's out to the side, she moves rather like a seal. Mike felt a bit sorry for her as he thought she would be hard to rehome and so he asked if he could take her and they know us and said yes and so here she is.

8. Parsley.
This below is Parsley whos owners moved abroad , sadly she lost her companion Gypsy in September 2013 but we are in the process of bonding her with Jasper. Parsley also has lovely blue eyes.

9. Jasper.
This is Jasper and we got a phone call from a young lady who was so worried as Jasper was originally a houserabbit but she wasn't allowed to keep him indoors and so put him outside in a hutch but he wouldn't eat outside and was clearly unhappy, he was having bouts of stasis and she worried about his health and had failed to find a place he could go so we took him and he is absolutely gorgeous and is now a housebun and soon we hope
to be bonding Jasper with Parsley above.

10. Katie ( Mother to Koko )
This is Katie and she is a Martin Sable and such a laid back bunny she lives here with her Daughter Koko.

11. Koko ( Daughter to Katie )
This is Koko Daughter to Katie .

12. Sox & Ant.
Sox our old girl recently lost her boy Henry in August 2013 and has been grieving so when I saw Ant in the rabbits in need section on RU I thought he would be ideal besides the fact he had been looking for a home for a good few months. It took me just over a week to bond them together and now they are loved up and very much an item.


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Re: Meet Some of the Tucker Bunnies.

Post by Fiver on Mon Oct 28, 2013 3:13 am

just soo cute but can't help falling for letty         




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