Our Little Nethie gang :-)

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Our Little Nethie gang :-)

Post by Tuckerbunnies on Mon Oct 28, 2013 3:36 am

1. Roly
Roly was from the RSPCA and was found in a hutch with a dead cat kitten the owners had moved house.  

2. Wee Fudge.
Wee Fudge weighed 700 grammes when we got him and we got him from Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care in Glasgow he is a tiny tiny boy.  

3. Mummy Helen.
Helen was cruelly dumped and abused with her Baby at the side of a busy road, both were in a terrible state when they were found in 2009 and they have lived here with us happily ever since , sadly Helen's Daughter Baby Saint had to been put to sleep on the 3rd October 2013 and our world fell apart as Baby Saint was very special to us and she will never be forgot.

4. Skylark ( Mummy to Siskin & Linnet )
Skylark was part of a big rescue by Honeybunnies Rabbit & Guinea Pig Rescue in Leicester in 2011 of bunnies from a lady who was an animal lover and took in rabbits and people dumped their unwanted rabbits on her and she was terminally ill and just couldn't cope. All the rescue buns were named after 'birds' and known as the Birdy buns.

5. Siskin ( Daughter to Skylark )
Siskin is Skylark's Daughter and also came from Honeybunnies Rescue in Leicester.

6. Linnet ( Daughter to Skylark )
Linnet is Skylarks other Daughter and also came from Honeybunnies in Leicester and they all have very unsual blue eyes.

7. Surrey Simon.
This is Surrey Simon and he cost us nearly a £1,000 altogether to get him home from Furry Friends Animal Rescue in Surrey as Mike's car broke down in Luton and he had to join the AA and they had to bring him and Simon home, but he was worth it. We remind Simon when he's Norty just how much he cost us to get him here Very Happy 

8. Jamie the Chocolate Bun.
This is Jamie the Chocolate Bun and she is Nethie cross and she was rescued from sitting in the middle of a busy road by an old man and his neighbour ( Bless them ) it took them an hour but they got her but the RSPCA wouldn't take her in and so he rang round the vet's and it was our vet that rang us and here she is. Hoping to bond Jamie with Dudley eventually.

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Re: Our Little Nethie gang :-)

Post by Fiver on Mon Oct 28, 2013 4:13 am





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