Arlo & Teddy ( Bonded Male Pair )~Tyne & Wear

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Arlo & Teddy ( Bonded Male Pair )~Tyne & Wear

Post by Tuckerbunnies on Wed Feb 05, 2014 1:02 am

Available Rescue

Arlo and Teddy.

Arlo and Teddy are two young males approximately 9 months old. They were found abandonned in a cardboard box with their sister. They were brought in incredibly weak, hugely underweight and timid. After a few days of it being touch and go for their survival they began getting their appetite back! Now Arlo and Teddy are fully recovered and are raring to go! They are very curious and nosy! They likes their food especially hay and vegetables. They are possibly part wild so carry some of the characteristics of those in the wild therefore need high fences and lots of space to stretch and binky! They do that a lot! They are still a little bit timid but are so happy with each other they require very little maintenance. If you can give Arlo and Teddy a forever home please

Arlo and Teddy

Rescue Name: Pawz For Thought
Contact Name: Vicky
Location: Tyne and Wear
Adoption Fee: £90
Contact Details:

We have many gorgeous rabbits and other animals in need of home. Details can be found at our website,


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Re: Arlo & Teddy ( Bonded Male Pair )~Tyne & Wear

Post by Fiver on Wed Feb 05, 2014 8:19 am

they do look a bit wildie don't they        
that last picture could be a picture on a book by enid blyton  Razz 




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