Helen and Arfa's Vet visit.

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Helen and Arfa's Vet visit.

Post by Tuckerbunnies on Fri Dec 20, 2013 3:40 am

Arfa and Helen were at the vet's yesterday for check up's. Helen has that awful upper respiratory problem back again and she needs a dental, of course she can't have a dental till she is better, so that's a worry and the fact she needs a dental op is also worrying as she is getting on, frail and not easy for anyone to handle....ask our vet although they love her for it. So that's a bit of a worry when it all happens.

Arfa we were told by the x owner that she had been vet checked before we took her on and I believe her. Her vet said Arfa had cataracts otherwise he was a healthy bunny..well our vet said he hasn't got cataracts at all his retinas have never developed so it's a birth defect and that is why he is blind but he can see light and shadows. One side of his mouth his teeth are terrible and he is due to have a dental soon. I told the x-owner who is not only upset and very apologetic but is so annoyed at the vet that she is registering with another vet tomorrow. I can't understand how any vet could not see how bad is mouth was. Our vet noticed straight away when she looked into his mouth   

Of course we are not bothered Arfa is just gorgeous, no trouble and like all blind bunnies is just adorable and a cuddlebunny. Blind bunnies need to trust you as you are their eyes and they depend on you so much more than a seeing bunny.


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Re: Helen and Arfa's Vet visit.

Post by Fiver on Sat Dec 21, 2013 3:32 am

its amazing how a vet can be so off target still he is in the best hands now x


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